Rooftop view of Madrid

A View of Madrid from the Hotel Atlantico lounge

By Geri Dreiling

In the United States, we refer to reddish-orange, clay roof coverings as “Spanish tiles.” In Spain, they’re simply tejas.

In this postcard picture, a storm gathers on the outskirts of Madrid, creating a cloudy backdrop for the gray dome of a church jutting up above the roofs blanketed with Spanish tiles.

This photo was taken on a chilly Saturday morning in January from the rooftop lounge of the Hotel Atlántico in Madrid using the zoom feature of my camera. Weather forecasters were predicting snow in the areas just beyond Madrid, rain in Madrid and colder temperatures.  

Of course, neither rain nor blustery wind could thwart a visit to the Sorolla Museum later that day. Sometimes referred to as Madrid’s best-kept museum secret, I’ll have more on that memorable tour of the museum and the artist’s home next week.