By Geri L. Dreiling

I returned from Spain just after midnight on Wednesday. Since then, I’ve been catching up on work, sorting mail,  restocking the refrigerator, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and replacing crispy twigs with new plants in my flower boxes.

Like all great trips that come to an end, the visit now has a dreamlike quality. I still have much to write and little time to do so. I will probably just post a picture a day from here to eternity.

Here are a few random notes and observations from my time in Spain:

  1. Bimbo is a brand of bread. Bimbo
  2. “Do you want to sleep with me?” is the tagline for a hotel in Madrid. sleep with me hotel
  3. Take a photo of a building that houses the judicial branch that investigates political corruption and you could make a few people upset. Note that I was on a public sidewalk, there were no signs prohibiting photos and the red box in the photo invites the public to leave comments. banning photo
  4. It could be the camera. It could be speaking in English. It could be the blonde hair. It is probably all three. I am definitely an easy mark as a tourist. I declined offers of rosemary from women standing on the street in Granada. If you believe in gypsy curses, you may want to avoid me for a while. (Yes, Enrique was also cursed.  As a result, he gets to smooth over incidents similar to the one listed in number three.)
  5. Pews in 16th-century churches are not friendly to 21st-century backsides. Enrique Granada Church
  6. Nap before a Spanish wedding. The wedding was at 8:15 pm. Because we had a train to catch at 9 in the morning, we left at 3 am. I believe the festivities went until 5 a.m. Granada church
  7. Watching a live flamenco performance in Andalusia, the region where it was born, is amazing. A riveting and passionate art form. (I highly recommend Casa del Arte Flamenco in Granada.) Case del Arte Flamenco
  8. Sangria is certainly a delicious way to combat the Andalusian heat. Flamenco statue