Here is a sample of my published works. The pieces range from fact to fiction; investigative articles to in-depth profiles. I have also included a list of honors and awards for my work.


Erasing The Past

Married for nearly forty years, Joe and Kate Holly’s union is a love that has veered off course. When Joe, a cosmetics company scientist, invents a gel that erases wrinkles, the discovery offers the couple a chance to rediscover the spark that brought them together. But something is amiss. As Kate drifts away, Joe frantically struggles to find out what went wrong.

Based on an award-winning short story, Erasing the Past is a novel about love, betrayal, ambition — and second chances.

Notes from the Underground: The Most Outrageous Stories from the Alternative Press

“Nondaily, free-circulation newspapers are the antidote to much of the bland reporting that exists in mainstream newspapers, as this compilation of the best articles from the alternative press of 2004 makes clear. The selections, from LA Weekly, the Dallas Observer, the Boston Phoenix, the New York Press, the Village Voice, the Stranger and other publications, are powerful, often bitingly so, and reveal curious worlds that exist deep within our culture.” Publishers Weekly


“Keep Moving” – St. Louis Magazine

Mariama Sesay’s first warning that her family’s life is about to change forever is an urgent whisper from her husband: “Mariama, wake up! Rebels!” Read more

“Stolo Street” – Riverfront Times

Evans Avenue runs smooth and wide. From Vandeventer to Newstead, it’s a flat stretch of concrete, yellow lines and black skid marks. Read more 

“When Girls Go Wild” – Riverfront Times

It’s Alisa’s* big day. A white-shirted policeman escorts her down a narrow aisle. An older man with a careworn face and black-turned-ash hair sits hunched in the front row, his bent elbows resting on his knees. Read more

“Fallen Angel” – Riverfront Times

She should have been at high school; instead, 18-year-old Angela Coffel was into her dad’s cache of airline-liquor bottles, busy drinking shooters outside her parents’ trailer. Read more

“Accidents of Justice” – St. Louis Magazine

When a lawyer takes a case, relationships are formed or destroyed, money is won or lost, people live or die. Read more

“Crossroads” – St. Louis Magazine

For three days in late April 1996, the sun-soaked Hotel InterContinental in Miami was a magnet for hungry musicians and powerful industry players. Read more

“Nuclear Half-Lies” – Riverfront Times

The first time Christopher Davis told his wife he had trouble breathing, he had been working on the water heater in the laundry room. Read more

“Polish Parish” – National Catholic Reporter

Three flags fly in front of the rectory at St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church here: the Polish flag, the Stars and Stripes, and the papal flag. But inside the rectory, there is no Roman Catholic priest. Read more

“Best Evidence” – Riverfront Times

Heavy snowfalls pounded St. Louis in early February 1982, dumping twenty inches of the white stuff on some neighborhoods and paralyzing the city. Businesses closed, government services were curtailed and people hunkered down. Read more

“Nasty Boys” – Riverfront Times

The thin, attractive blonde stood up before a room of Rent-A-Center’s top execs — the only woman in a sea of white shirts, dark suits and ties — and began delivering her report on the company’s tax situation. Read more

“Left Behind” – Riverfront Times

When Mary Samsel was a little girl, she’d climb into her father’s car and they’d drive a mile-and-a-half to the CertainTeed Corporation plant. Read more

“The Women of Wal-Mart” – Alternet

When Melissa Howard joined the Wal-Mart store in New Castle, Ind., in 1992, she received a blue vest, a red, white and-blue nametag, six bucks an hour, and the title of “electronics department manager.” Read more

“Supreme Fight” – Illinois Times

Contests for the Illinois House and Senate can be bloody and bruising, but judicial races are supposed to be kinder, gentler affairs. Read more

“Long Road to Recovery” – ABA Journal

For the victims of Hurricane Katrina, perhaps the truest measure of the catastrophe is that everything came apart at once. Read more

“Targeting Depo Tactics” – ABA Journal

Not only was it an example of a deposition gone wrong, but it was to become a case cited nationwide in briefs, reports and presentations on lawyer incivility. Read more

“Choosing Up Sides” – ABA Journal

After more than two decades, Marilyn Yee’s law practice in the wine country north of San Francisco–mostly estate planning, small business and real estate matters was thriving. Read more

“Retiring Mandatory Retirement” – ABA Journal

Taken together, this may amount to a movement: In November, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Preston Gates Ellis dropped a mandatory retirement policy that had forced lawyers out at age 70. In April, Pills­bury Win­throp Shaw Pitt­man announced it was scrapping its mandatory retirement age of 65. Read more

“Threats of Jail: Is Journalism’s ‘Fragile Privilege’ at Risk?” – National Catholic Reporter

Tape recorder, pen, notebook and laptop: These are the typical tools of the journalism trade. But recently, the list of must-have items has grown. It now includes a good lawyer. Read more

Honors and Awards

Missouri Press Association, Business Writing, First Place, 2007; Business Writing, Third Place, 2007

National Newspaper Association awards, Feature Writing, First Place, 2007;  Health Writing, Second Place, 2007;  Investigative Reporting, Second Place, 2007

Catholic Press Association, Best Reporting on Children, Second Place, 2006

Sci Fi/Fantasy Honorable Mention, Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards, 2006

Gateway Gavel Award, The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis, 2003 and 2004

Best in Business Spot Enterprise, Certificate of Merit, Society of American Business Editors and Writers, 2003

Best Newspaper Feature Story, Clarion Award, Association for Women in Communication, 2003

Maggie Award, Best Public Service, Finalist, 2003

The PASS Award, The National Council on Crime and Delinquency, 2003

Excellence in Legal Journalism, The Missouri Bar, 2003

General News, Excellence in Communication, Greater St. Louis Association of Black  Journalists, 2003

The Terry Hughes Award, St. Louis Newspaper Guild, 2003