A beautiful backdrop for a romantic walk

By Geri Dreiling

When you like someone in grade school, taking a walk with your crush around the playground is exciting. When you’re in college, a stroll through the zoo, a park or around a nearby lake can be a dreamy experience. But when you are an adult, the backdrop for a romantic outing is limited only by your imagination – and your finances.

The medieval walls of Ávila provide a perfect setting for an enchanting walking date. Located in the Castile-Leon region of Spain, Ávila is surrounded by walls that were built beginning in approximately 1090 and continuing over the next two hundred years as fortification against the Moors.

In January, Enrique and I traveled to Ávila by train from Madrid for a day trip. The curved fortress walls were the main reason for our visit. It was a chilly Monday and the tourist part of town was mostly deserted. Like a ski resort in the summer or a beach during a light rain, there was something magical about meandering as a lone couple along 900-year-old stone wall in the crisp, clear air of the Spanish countryside.

Towers of the Ávila Wall

The walls of Ávila and its towers


The Walls of Ávila

A closer view of Ávila’s walls


A tree peers over Ávila's wall

A tree peers over Ávila’s wall


Ávila Countryside

A view of the countryside surrounding Ávila’s ancient walls


Long view of Avila's wall

A long view of Ávila’s walls